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RGB Consulting, LLC

Online and In Person Training, Coaching and Consulting

What We Do

We work with leaders and their teams in government, corporate and non-profit settings to promote awareness, skill building and leadership.

• How we work, We Listen, We Assess...
• We Consult, We Coach

We present you with the results of those assessments. We tell you how we can help you move your team forward to get the results you need. Is executive and group coaching an important part of the equation? Sometimes it is and we can provide the best. You will learn something about yourself, your team and your organization.


• We Train, And We Do It Very Well...

We provide your leaders and teams with the training and skills to succeed. Our trainings are interesting, engaging and fun. They are packed with cutting edge content and are designed to meet your needs on several levels. Training is available both online and in person.


We are proud to be the recipient of the 2003


Dr. Thomas J. Davy Academic Award for Outstanding Service To Local Government


by the New Jersey Municipal Management Association.


We listen to you. We want to hear about your goals. We want to understand how you and your team work. We want to know what you believe is hindering your results. Then we select the best assessments in our toolbox to get an appropriate and accurate picture of your organizational needs.

We are now a New Jersey Certified Woman Owned and Small Business.  Find out more here.